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Kyberosake (Development of competence in cybercrime prevention)

In the Kyberosake project, the Police University College and Jamk University of Applied Sciences prepare a competence path for cybercrime prevention. The project will pilot and develop a new specialization training for the cybercrime sector.

The project will chart the training opportunities and competence development needs of law enforcement and judicial authorities and produce training tailored to meet their needs. Project measures will promote national and international cooperation between the authorities. Moreover, the project will develop various training-related tools and methods and investigate the utilization of artificial intelligence in cybercrime prevention. The results of the study will be utilized in training for cybercrime prevention.

Timescale: November 2022 – October 2025

Project partners: Jamk University of Applied Sciences

Funding: EU Internal Security Fund (ISF). The project’s total budget is approximately EUR 2 million, of which the Police University College’s share is about EUR 1.6 million.

Contact person at the Police University College: Specialist Tero Toiviainen. Email in the format [email protected].

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