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Strategia ja laatu sisältö englanti

Strategy and quality

Our strategy provides a framework for everything we do.

Quality management is a cornerstone of our leadership model and our activities and their evaluation.

The stairs of the Police University College's main building.


Our strategy: Creating future security

We produce knowledge and expertise for expert and leadership tasks in internal security and for the development of societal security. We build the foundation for the professionalism of the Finnish Police.

We are a distinguished, top-level international university college in the security sector.

This is how we reach our goals

Forward-looking approach

  • We survey, evaluate and predict the status and changes in the operational environment.
  • We develop technologies and versatile learning environments.

A competent university college community

  • We encourage continuous learning and a working approach based on experiment.
  • We ensure the Police University College’s appeal as a place for study and work.
  • We utilize information collected through feedback and evaluation.

Strong partnerships

  • We promote solid cooperation between working life and higher education.
  • We support the mobility of students and staff.

Social responsibility

  • Our education and research cooperation are multilateral.
  • Our approach is ethical, and we follow the principles of sustainability.

This is how we work


Our approach is equal, and we respect each other. We educate ethical professionals.


We promote the continuous development of expertise and personal work contribution. Multiprofessionalism is our core strength.

Customer service

We recognize our customers’ needs and accomplish effective research and education. We support the entire police organization.

Staff welfare

We are accountable for the welfare of ourselves and each other. Together we strengthen a positive and interactive university college community.

Our quality system

Our quality system is based on the PDCA (Plan−Do−Check−Act) continuous development model. The system is used to plan, implement, evaluate and develop our activities as well as structure our quality management procedures and operators. Quality management is a cornerstone of our leadership model and our activities and their evaluation.

You can familiarize yourself with our quality system in the operational quality manual, which gives an overview of the activities and quality management of the Police University College. The operational quality manual makes the Police University College’s activities visible to personnel, students, stakeholders and partners as well as anyone interested in the University College.

The Police University College’s quality system has been audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, which concluded that it meets the national standards for higher education institutes’ quality management as well as European principles and recommendations. The international quality label is valid until spring 2024.

Read the operational quality manual

Audit report on the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre’s website

Strategia videoupotus englanti

Watch the strategy video:

If the video doesn't open, search for it on Poliisitube (Poliisiksi section).

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Strategiakuva englanti

Image summarising the Police University College's strategy. The contents are explained in the text on the page.

Strategia ja laatu auditointileima englanti

FINEEC audited logo.