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Northern Police Research Webinar sisältö englanti

Northern Police Research Webinar

The international Northern Police Research Webinar presents recent research in the field of policing for researchers, practitioners and other interested parties in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The webinar is arranged approximately every three weeks. On this page you will find the webinar program and information about the topics and presenters.

There is a separate registration link for each day of the webinar series. Once you have signed up, you will receive a Teams link to the event.

The webinars will not be recorded.

The Police University College and the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) are responsible for the practical arrangements of the webinar series.

Further information: [email protected]

Webinar program

Northern Police Research Webinar haitari englanti

Northern Police Research Webinar sisältö haitarin jälkeen englanti

More webinar dates and topics will be announced later.

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