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Student projects

Police students can participate in Polamk’s RDI projects as part of their studies. Students design and implement security-related RDI projects in cooperation with the customer.

In such projects, the students always receive support from an experienced lecturer or expert and, through them, their national and international networks and partners in the security sector.

In RDI projects, we encourage police students to experiment and find creative solutions. When working on projects, the students learn to use their own competence in working life. In the projects, students can also utilize their prior experience acquired before entering police education.

Three uniformed police students at a table browsing through some papers.

Propose a project theme

Anyone can suggest an RDI student project to Polamk. Such projects are designed for the needs of our partners and society at large. By commissioning a student project, companies can engage police students to develop security-related services, products and processes.

Previous subjects for projects have included improving urban safety through lighting, developing and piloting a web application to support community policing, and combating hate speech. Student projects have been implemented in cooperation with police units, local authorities, companies and other organizations, and also under EU projects.

You can propose a subject for a student project by filling in a Webropol form. You can also use the form to propose a thesis topic.

Propose a project theme using a Webropol form

You can read theses made earlier in the Theseus service (in Finnish and Swedish)