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Sustainability and responsibility

The aim of sustainable development is to safeguard a good standard of living for future generations, too. Sustainable development is generally divided into three areas:

  • ecological
  • financial
  • social and cultural

The Police University College of Finland has made a commitment to sustainable development measures, which will be implemented in accordance with the objectives of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, Finland’s social contract (Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development), the roadmap for reducing the police's carbon footprint, and the program for the sustainable development and responsibility of universities of applied sciences.

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Police University College's commitment to sustainable development measures

The Police University College produces the knowledge and expertise required in expert and management tasks related to national security. We are building a foundation for professional expertise in the Finnish police. We must earn the trust of Finnish citizens every day. This trust is based on a fair, competent, and service-orientated police force that invests in the work-place well-being of its personnel. The vision of the Finnish police is to keep everyone safe at all times.

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