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For visitors

You can visit our campus in Hervanta, Tampere if you take part in education here or have agreed on the visit in advance. The Police Museum, which is part of the University College, is open to visitors.
When visiting us, please first check in at the main building’s lobby. Remember to bring identification, as we verify your identity when you check in. Welcome!

The university college’s nameplate on the wall.


Location and travel

The Police University College is located in Hervanta, about eight kilometers south of the center of Tampere. Our street address is Vaajakatu 2.

The Police University College is located in Hervanta, Tampere. Hervanta is roughly eight kilometers south of the center of Tampere. The Police University College campus is located on Vaajakatu near the center of Hervanta and the shopping center. 


Several bus services stop in Hervanta. The closest bus stops can be found on Tieteenkatu, Hervannan Valtaväylä and Insinöörinkatu. Starting in autumn 2021, there will also be a tram service to Hervanta

Police University College guide map

Public transport timetables and routes for the Tampere region


Parking in unmarked spots on Police University College grounds is prohibited. Parking is only permitted in designated parking areas.

The Police University College has several parking areas. The parking areas marked in the image are explained in the text below.


Visitor parking

Visitors may use customer parking P3, which is located outside the main building. Visitor parking spots have a two-hour parking limit. Please indicate your parking time for example with a parking disk.

Student parking

Students and course participants at the Police University College may park in student parking area P2. The parking area is located on Vaajakatu, roughly half a kilometer from the main building. The area includes asphalt-covered parking spaces for the exclusive use of motorcycles.

When you commence your studies or course, please check in at the main building’s lobby. Do not drive straight to the student parking gate!

Parking for police vehicles

Police vehicles are to be parked in police vehicle parking P4 and P5. When arriving at the Police University College, please check in at the main building’s lobby, where you will be given parking instructions.

Personnel parking

Parking area P1 is intended for Police University College staff.

Bus and coach parking

Parking space that is reserved for busses and coaches is located in front of the National Police Museum. The Museum is marked on the map with the letter C.

Bicycle parking

Parking space for visitors’ bicycles is available outside the National Police Museum. The Museum is marked on the map with the letter C.

A shelter for the bicycles of students and staff is located between the main gate and accommodation building B.

Printable parking map

Check in

When visiting the Police University College, please check in first at the main building’s lobby before going anywhere else. When checking in, you must provide proof of your identity. Please bring an identity card, passport or driving license.

Our main building is located at Vaajakatu 2. The main entrance is marked on the map above with an orange sign with the letter i. The entrance is visible in the image below between the white and red buildings.

The lobby’s customer service desk is open weekdays from from 6.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Police University College’s main building, as seen from Vaajakatu, is on the left and the National Police Museum on the right. The main entrance to the Police University College is between the two buildings.


Campus services

Visitors may use the Police University College’s wireless internet (WLAN/WiFi). Login information can be found on our info screens in various locations around the campus, such as the main building’s lobby and the D-wing lobby.

Restaurant Miekkaleijona is located in the main building and also serves café products.

Course organizers will provide further information about arrival, accommodation and other practicalities to Police University College course participants.

Our Library primarily serves the Police University College’s students and police personnel. Others may visit the library with separate permission.

Police University College Library webpages

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Take your group on a campus visit?

We welcome groups of visitors and make visits to educational institutions and events. You can inquire about visiting opportunities by filling in the visit request form.

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