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Pelastusalan päällystötehtäviin (AMK) sisältö englanti

Bachelor of Rescue Services

The Bachelor of Rescue Services’ students study under the Police University College, and the Police University College has the right to grant the degree. The Emergency Services Academy Finland has the responsibility for organizing the degree studies. The Emergency Services Academy Finland is located in Kuopio.

The scope of the Bachelor of Rescue Services degree is 240 credits, and it takes four years to complete the studies.

The graduates work in demanding supervisory and specialist tasks in the fields of internal security and rescue services. In these wide-ranging tasks, they utilize their leadership capabilities, as well as their specialist knowledge in rescue services and accident prevention and preparedness, also in international contexts. Official titles include a Chief Fire Officer, Risk Management Chief, Fire Chief and Fire Inspector.

For more information about the studies and the application process, please visit the Emergency Services Academy Finland’s website.

Bachelor of Rescue Services at the Emergency Services Academy Finland’s website