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Master of Police Services

A Master of Police Services degree qualifies holders to commanding positions, such as Chief Inspector or Superintendent.

The scope of the degree is 120 credits, and the education is completed in two years. In the Master studies, the focus is on management skills and supervisory tasks.

The shoulder badges for a Chief Inspector and a Superintendent.

Application and selection

Once a year, we coordinate an application period for the Finnish-language Master's Degree studies. We organise education in Swedish when needed, approximately once every ten years.

Only those who have suitable previous education can apply for the Master of Police Services degree. This includes:

  • Bachelor of Police Services degree
  • other applicable higher education degree
  • Diploma in Police Studies or an equivalent basic police degree. In this case, the person needs to complete the upgrading of qualifications at Polamk before starting their Master's Degree studies.

In addition, applicants must have at least three years’ experience in the field of internal security. Besides working as a police officer, suitable work experience can be e.g. experience working for the Emergency Response Centre Agency or the Rescue Services. 

The entrance examination consists of two phases. The first phase contains a written examination. The second phase features an assessment of suitability, including a simulation task, a personal interview and psychological tests.

The emphasis of both sections in scoring:

  • Written examination 40%
  • Suitability assessment 60%

Themes and contents of the studies

The studies cover themes such as general leadership, crime prevention, leading an investigation and managing public order and security operations. The degree also includes leadership training and a written thesis.

For more information on the content of the studies, please read the Curriculum in the list of links under See also.

Those selected for the degree program who do not have a previous higher education degree first complete a 45-credit upgrading of qualifications for Bachelor's Degree. 

Three police officers at the Polamk command training center, projected on a wall several maps.

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