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Continuing education for police

We organize a variety of professional continuing education programs to maintain and develop the skills of police personnel. The range of education includes extensive educational programs, short courses, and seminars.

A significant portion of police personnel take part in education programs organized by the Police University College each year.

Sleeve badges on police overalls showing the emblem of the Finnish police.

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Specialist studies

Professional specialist studies are comprehensive continuing education programs. They allow students to expand and deepen their professional skills and give them the tools they need to help further develop policing.

Specialization studies for police sergeants prepare personnel for supervisory and managerial duties. The studies give the qualifications for sergeant positions. Specialist studies are worth 45 credits, and completing them takes a little over one year.

Specialization studies for cybercrime prevention provide students with both theoretical and practical skills and knowledge required when working in cybercrime prevention tasks. The specialisation studies are worth 35 credits, including a minimum of 15 credits of elective studies that support each student’s professional orientation.

Specialist patrol dog handler studies give personnel the qualifications needed to be a police dog handler. The studies are worth 40 credits. Completing them takes approximately two and a half years.

Specialization studies for police sergeants curriculum

Specialization studies for cybercrime prevention curriculum

Specialist patrol dog handler studies curriculum

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Courses and seminars

The Police University College organizes various courses, conferences and seminars for both police officers and other police personnel. Our education calendar offers courses for personnel across the different areas of police activity, including cybercrime, motorcycle police, license administration and financial crime.

Police units also organize education for their own personnel.

We cooperate with Finnish customs, the Finnish Border Guard, the Emergency Response Centre Agency and the National Prosecution Authority in organizing continuing education.