Image survey: The Police University College is Finland's most respected university of applied sciences

Publication date 9.5.2014 0.00
News item

Finnish young people put the Police University College in first place in a study measuring appreciation for Finnish universities of applied sciences. Taloustutkimus conducted an image survey in the spring, according to which the Police University College rose to the top of a comparison of 20 universities of applied sciences on the basis of the overall grade.

According to young people, the Police University College has a number of special strengths: a degree from the school is appreciated on the labour market, teaching is at a high level, and the institution distinguishes itself positively from other institutions of higher education. The reputation of the Police University College as a place to study was also among the best in the survey.

'A police officer works in an operational environment that is constantly changing. An extensive reform of police training is now under way, with the purpose of guaranteeing respected professionalism in the future as well. Quality has to be built into police training,' says Director Kimmo Himberg .

According to the ten image factors put forward in the survey, the greatest successes, in addition to the Police University College, were the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Taloustutkimus researched the familiarity of Finnish young people with institutions of higher education and the images related to them.  The survey was implemented as an electronic questionnaire, which brought responses from about 1,700 Finns under the age of 30 throughout the country.

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