International police research seminar at Police College of Finland

Publication date 7.11.2012 0.00
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The Police College of Finland will host the Nordic Police Research Seminar between 7 and 9 November, bringing together around 70 police researchers from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the United Kingdom in Tampere. The seminar will offer information on the latest research observations and create an overall picture of the scientific research on topics related to police in the Nordic countries.

"The seminar gathers recent scientific research on policing. During the event, we will for instance hear talks on studies related to financial crime, racism in the police and the way police research can support police work", explains Senior Researcher Vesa Huotari from the Police College of Finland, who is in charge of the seminar.

First time in Finland

The keynote speakers of the seminar are Petter Gottschalk, Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour from Norway, Abby Peterson , Professor of Sociology from Gothenburg University, Anne Alvesalo-Kuusi , Professor of Sociology of Law and Criminology at the University of Turku and Professor Jennifer Brown from the London School of Economics.

Other talks at the seminar include a presentation on an on-going research project on the criminal investigation of child abuse cases by Senior Researcher Noora Ellonen from the Police College of Finland.  

Organised every other year, the Nordic Police Research Seminar is now held in Finland for the first time.

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