Police Barometer: Finns continue to have strong confidence in police

Publication date 15.7.2020 14.21
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Police Barometer: Finns continue to have strong confidence in police

The majority of Finnish people continue to have confidence in the police. According to the latest Police Barometer survey, a total of 91 per cent of the respondents trust the police a lot or a fair amount. Trust in the police has slightly decreased compared to the previous survey (2018: 95 per cent). Based on the results, the police have succeeded well in performing their most important duties and the work of the police is appreciated.

The respondents were also asked how serious they felt the crime situation was in their neighbourhood. About 79 per cent of them answered that the situation was not very serious or not at all serious.

A total of 1,082 people were interviewed in the survey between 4 February and 3 March 2020. They were residents in mainland Finland and aged between 15 and 79. The Police University College is responsible for analysing and reporting the results.

The Police Barometer has studied public opinion on the Finnish Police and the internal security situation in Finland for over 20 years. The survey is conducted every two years.

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