Police University College to continue working on behalf of public safety in Kosovo

Publication date 23.4.2015 15.20
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Police University College to continue working on behalf of public safety in Kosovo

The Police University College has received new EU funding for its cooperation in Kosovo. The aim of the Union's Twinning project is to develop the education of Kosovo-based public safety authorities and the related research. Other cooperation partners include the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, the Criminal Sanctions Agency and the JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Steered by the Police University College, the Twinning project “Further support to public safety education” has been granted funding for three years. The project is scheduled to begin in September 2015.

Finnish and Estonian experts participating in the project will develop public service training and the related educational system in Kosovo. The objective is to enhance the professional education of public safety authorities to meet the needs of Kosovo's developing society. The project sets out to create an efficient, sustainable educational system, to modernise the educational methods employed by the system and to improve research and development activities.

“Just like Kosovo itself, the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety is relatively young. The region needs plenty of support in efficiently organising the work of its public safety authorities in line with sound administrative principles,” says Kimmo Himberg , Director of the Police University College.

“Kosovo is also strategically important to the security of the EU and its Member States. This emphasises the importance of the Police University College's international work in the Balkans,” says Chief Inspector Peter Sund , who is in charge of International Relations at the Police University College.

What is Twinning?

Funded by the EU, Twinning is an instrument for providing public administrations with expert support. Public authorities in the Member States participate in Twinning projects in order to assist in the development of administration and legislation in candidate and neighbour countries.

The former Twinning project steered by the Police University College concluded in March 2014. Its focus was on the development of university education for Kosovo's police, customs and other public safety authorities.

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