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Poliisikoiragalleria sisältö englanti

The police dog gallery will be published later.

Welcome to meet Finland’s police dogs!

In the police dog gallery, you can browse the dogs based on their task, placement, breed and sex. For example, you can choose to view only the dogs of a certain police department. You can also filter the search based on several factors at the same time. For example, you can select to view all dogs of the breed Belgian Shepherd Dog, Malinois, that are specialist dogs.

If you do not choose any filters, the gallery will display all police dogs in Finland in alphabetical order.

You can access the dog’s registration data by clicking on the dog’s registration number. The link will bring you to the KoiraNet Breeding Database on the website of the Finnish Kennel Club. On top of the page, you can select to view the Breeding Database in English. Then, enter the dog’s name or registration number in the Quick search field and click Find.

The dog gallery has been updated on xx.