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Poliisikoirien hankinta sisältö englanti

Procuring police dogs

The Police Dog Training Centre procures all police dogs. We primarily purchase dogs from private breeders and owners, either as puppies or as young adults. We procure dogs from Finland and abroad. We purchase 40–50 dogs each year, most of them puppies.

Dogs that are to be trained as police dogs must be healthy and trainable. The dogs can be hobby dogs such as hunting or sporting dogs or they can be family dogs.

When considering an adult dog, we assess their suitability. If the dog is found suitable, it will join its new handler on a trial basis for approximately one month. If the dog is found to be healthy and suitable for police work, its training will be commenced.

Do you have a dog that could be a police dog?

If you have a dog that you believe is suitable to become a police dog and want to offer it to us, you can contact us at: [email protected], tel. +358 295 418 390.