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Tunisian poliisi- ja lainvalvontaviranomaisten kapasiteetin vahvistamishanke sisältö englanti

Strengthening the Capacity of Tunisian Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

The objective of the project is to support the reform of the Tunisian police, and to strengthen the capacity of Tunisian police and law enforcement agencies. The project aims to develop the Tunisian police towards becoming more trusted and efficient, and able to meet higher performance standards, observe the rule of law, and respect human rights. The aim is to support the Tunisian authorities in their reform, restructuring, and rebuilding process through training and advising.

Timescale: May 2014 – December 2016

Partners: Tunisian Ministry of the Interior, Tunisian Police, Tunisian National Guard

Funding: approximately EUR 499 000 in total from the Institutional Cooperation Instrument of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Contact persons at the Police University College: Project Coordinator Antti Talvitie. Email addresses: [email protected].