Image survey of higher education institutions: Police University College distinguishes itself

Publication date 22.4.2021 9.00 | Published in English on 26.4.2021 at 9.45
News item

Young people have again considered the Police University College to be among the best in a survey mapping the recognition and appeal of Finnish universities of applied sciences.

The Image survey of higher education institutions carried out by market research company Taloustutkimus indicates that the Police University College stands out positively from others in the higher education field and police education is well-known among Finnish young people.

In the annual survey, the Police University College has for a long time ranked among the most recognized and interesting universities of applied sciences. In overall images, this year the Police University College came second after the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The Police University College is in first place in the opinion of under 30-year olds with respect to the quality of education, the value of the degree in the labor market and in that the educational institution distinguishes itself from others.

The Image survey of higher education institutions is a survey annually conducted by Taloustutkimus. The survey was conducted as an electronic survey, with approximately 3,000 Finns under the age of 30 responding.

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