Police University College’s audit team appointed

Publication date 16.11.2022 14.20
News item

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre will audit the Police University College’s quality system in November 2023.

The statutory audit is one of the methods we use to evaluate and develop our operations further.

“The quality system audit is a valuable tool for us as it highlights our strengths and targets for development, helping us to review our operations from various angles and supporting continuous development. The audit also engages Police University College personnel extensively, as almost everyone is involved in the auditing process. In addition, our students and partners are interviewed as well,” says Marika Puputti, Quality Manager at the Police University College.

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre has appointed the audit team for the Police University College. The team is chaired by Vesa Taatila, rector of Turku University of Applied Sciences and the other team members are Samuli Kaikkonen, student at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK), Katri Ojasalo, Vice-rector at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, and Riitta Paalanen, Senior Customs Officer/Special Advisor, Finnish Customs.

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre audits the quality systems of Finnish universities on a regular basis, and the quality label earned in the passed audit remains valid for six years. The previous quality label of the Police University College is valid until spring 2024.

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