The latest RDI newsletter published

Publication date 20.9.2023 11.04
News item

The research, innovation and development activities (RDI) newsletter 2/2023 of the Police University College has been published. 

The newsletter presents the new special search category developed by the Police Dog Training Centre: police dog Sipe has been trained to detect various electronic devices. Other topics include the latest police barometer survey that explores the views of citizens regarding police operations and internal security, and a doctoral thesis that studies encounters between the police and customers from a linguistic and interactive viewpoint. The newsletter also presents a history book, published in September, that sheds light on the 50 years of police education in Tampere. 

The RDI newsletter is published in Finnish and in English. You can order the newsletter into your email by sending a message to the address [email protected]. You can get acquainted with the news articles published in the newsletter online at

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