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Moniviranomaistoiminnan suunnitelmallista johtamista tukevien toimintamallien luominen poliisille sisältö englanti

Creating policy models for the police to support the planned management of multi-authority action

Action against human trafficking requires effective and planned multi-authority operation. For example, joint target selection is based on information gathered from different authorities. The success of the multi-authority operation requires information on management models, information exchange regulations and competence issues. At the same time, we need to understand their impact on planning and the organization of operational activities. 

The project will develop operating models for targeted surveillance in key labor-intensive sectors. The operating models take into account the regional differences in Finland and they create uniform procedures and management for multi-authority operation. The project will also produce materials for preventive activities. 

Timescale: January 2021 – June 2022

Funding: Ministry of the Interior 

Contact persons at the Police University College: Special researcher Terhi Kankaanranta (project manager), chief inspector Olavi Kujanpää, researcher Kimmo Kuukasjärvi and researcher Saana Rikkilä. Email addresses: [email protected]