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Cross-institutional studies

Police University College is included in Tampere universities’ cross-institutional studies. The present degree and exchange students of Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Police University College can complete studies in the other higher education institutions in Tampere.

Cross-institutional studies for Polamk students

Degree students of Police University College can complete courses offered by Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences as part of their elective studies.

Police University College exchange students also have the right to complete courses of cross-institutional studies. We will inform exchange students separately about the courses.

Go to Tampere University community's Service for Cross-Institutional Studies

Cross-institutional studies offered by Polamk

Degree students and exchange students of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences can complete, at Police University College, the courses that we offer for the Erasmus exchange students arriving at Police University College. The courses are in English.

The studies we offer in autumn 2021:

Enrolment for the courses has ended.

Ristiinopiskelu tarjonta kurssi 1 infolaatikko englanti

The Finnish Way of Policing 3 ECTS

Learning outcomes: After completing the course, the student will be

  • familiar with the basics of police work and education in Finland.
  • aware of the main legislative and ethical principles of the Finnish police.
  • able to compare policing in Finland to that in her/his own country and internationally.

Subject matter: In Finland, public confidence in the police is strong. According to polls, 95% of the population trusts the police. How are these numbers achieved and maintained? Why is it important to aim for high confidence levels? During the course, students gain an understanding of the historical developments, operational principles, strategies, and ethics of the police in Finland. The students also learn how Finnish police education and work compare to those in the Nordic countries and in the EU.

Required work:

  • Attendance at lectures
  • Literature
  • Learning assignments
  • Learning diary

Teaching timetables: lectures (online) on Mondays 13.9.–25.10.2021, 16.15–17.45. The course includes one study visit.

Enrolment: 1.–30.8.2021 in Service for Cross-Institutional Studies

Ristiinopiskelu tarjonta kurssi 2 englanti

Current Themes in Police Research 3 ECTS

Learning outcomes: After completing the course the student is able to

  • understand the issues and significance of chosen current themes in police research and relate them to their own field or background.
  • generate and compare information related to the themes covered in the course.
  • present ideas and relevant information coherently in written assignments.

Subject matter: Lecture series on chosen topics, presented by Police University College researchers

Required work: Learning assignments and final project

Teaching timetables: lectures (online) on Fridays 10.9.–12.11.2021, 10.15–11.45

Enrolment: 1.–30.8.2021 in Service for Cross-Institutional Studies

Course program:

  • 10.9. Vesa Muttilainen: Introduction to Policing Research
  • 17.9. Salla Huikuri: Online Communities of Pedophiles on Darknet
  • 24.9. Marko Juutinen: The Progress of Hate Crimes in the Finnish Criminal Justice System and Possible Measures to Improve Hate Crime Clearance
  • 1.10. Jarmo Houtsonen: Domestic Violence
  • 8.10. no lecture
  • 15.10. Olavi Kujanpää: Preventative Policing
  • 22.10. no lecture
  • 29.10. Anna Leppänen: Policing Cybercrime
  • 5.11. Vesa Huotari: Effectiveness of Traffic Policing
  • 12.11. Vesa Huotari: Innovations and Innovativeness in the Police & Policing

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Enrol at the Service for Cross-Institutional Studies

Apply for the right to study the course you selected at Tampere University community's Service for Cross-Institutional Studies at The right to study granted to you is your enrolment in the course, that is, you need not sign up separately. The deadline for signing up is given in the details for the study module.

The number of students admitted on the courses may be limited, and Police University College’s own degree and exchange students have priority in enrolment. However, places for cross-institutional students are always reserved on these courses. If you have signed up for a course but do not intend to take the course, cancel your enrolment to free up your place to the next student in line.

Go to Tampere University community's Service for Cross-Institutional Studies

Studying at Police University College

We will notify of approved enrolment in a study module by email.

Once you have been admitted as student on a course, you will receive visitor rights to Police University College Moodle and instructions for how to log in the study module’s Moodle section. Moodle contains further information about the studies and how to complete them. We give lectures online on the Teams platform.

Once you have completed the course, your teacher assesses your study performance and enters the grade in the Police University College study register. Your study attainments will be automatically entered in the study records of your home university.

We collect feedback from students on the studies and use it for developing the study modules.

Further information about cross-institutional studies: [email protected]