Kyberkoulutus sisältö englanti

Cyber training

The purpose of the project is to improve the cybercrime prevention expertise and skills of the Police and other authorities, in order to ensure that the authorities are capable of efficiently preventing, revealing and solving crimes targeted at and benefiting from the cyber operating environment. The project is seeking to improve the authorities' ability to investigate and solve cyber crime, by providing them with training. The target audience of this training comprises public servants working for key cyber crime prevention authorities.

Timescale: The project ran until the end of 2017.

Funding: The instrument for financial support for police cooperation, preventing and combating crime, and crisis management of the Internal Security Fund of the European Union. The total budget of the project is slightly over EUR 500,000.

Contact persons at the Police University College: Senior Specialist Tero Toiviainen. Email addresses: [email protected].