CYBERDI sisältö englanti

CYBERDI – Cybercrime prevention, awareness raising and capacity building by RDI on modern cyber attacks

Cybercrime is a complex form of crime that is developing fast, with anyone being a potential victim of such attacks. The key areas in the fight against cybercrime are prevention, protection against attacks and, if a crime has already taken place, efficient investigation and recovery from the attack. This wide range of tasks requires good cooperation and information sharing, as well as the latest technology and continuously developed competence.

The CYBERDI project develops modern methods and cooperation processes for the fight against cybercrimes, for preventing and investigating them and for incident recovery. In addition, national awareness of cybercrime is increased so that the needs and wishes of users are the key element when planning the training.

Timescale: October 2018 – December 2021

Partners: JAMK University of Applied Sciences (coordinates the project), with cooperation partners including national and local police units, Ministry of Defense, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, hospital districts/joint municipal authorities (e.g. HUS, TAYS, KSSHP and PHSHP), Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Finland Chamber of Commerce and local development companies.

Funding: special funding granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture for profiling the research, development and innovation work at Universities of Applied Sciences. The total budget is over EUR 1.1 million, with the share of Police University College being approximately EUR 271,000.

Contact persons at Police University College: Project Manager Tero Toiviainen, Researcher Anna Leppänen, Researcher Salla Huikuri. Email addresses: [email protected] (please note: anna-riitta.leppanen).