Osaamisen operationalisointi – Polamkin digitaalinen kaksonen 2 (Digital twin 2) sisältö en

Operationalization of competence – Polamk’s Digital Twin 2

Polamk’s Digital Twin 2 project creates a virtual environment that is as realistic, multi-level and based on as many sources as possible, that will be used in supporting the training and development of the authorities. The project utilizes the shared competence of nationwide safety and security operators, and the experiences and knowledge based on digitalization and 3D modelling of public spaces. The resulting virtual environment will be tested by various public authorities. At the same time, the digital twin created in the previous Digital Twin project will be utilized.

The project will also map out new partnerships in Finland as well as international expertise. 

Timescale: January – December 2023

Project partners: Emergency Services Academy Finland, Border Guard, Defense Forces, Emergency Response Centre Agency

Funding: Ministry of the Interior, funding for RDI development, EUR 98,000

Contact persons at Police University College: Superintendent Olavi Kujanpää and Researcher Marko Juutinen. Email in the format [email protected]. The general email address of the project: [email protected].