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Driver Training Centre

The Driver Training Centre at Naarajärvi, Pieksämäki is part of the Police University College. We organise about 30 continuing education courses at the Driver Training Centre for police personnel and about 30 courses for other agencies, such as Customs, the Defence Forces and the Prison and Probation Service of Finland.

In total, around 900 persons attend these training courses annually.

Three cars with numbered signs instead of registration plates driving in a line on an asphalt track.

The Driver Training Centre provides trainees with a wide range of opportunities to practice and develop their driving skills. Trainees can drive on both good and poor-grip surfaces and practice driving on the track’s straights and on its variety of turns.

The Driver Training Centre at Pieksämäki has about 50 different cars and vans for driver training.

A dark van with the number 60 on the side driving up a hill in sandy terrain.

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Our contact information

Hietamäentie 250, FI-76850 Naarajärvi, Finland

tel. +358 295 483 677, +358 295 483 681