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Driver training

The Police University College is responsible for police driver training and for courses relating to traffic safety work. Police officers receive driver training during basic police education and continuing education. We train all motorcycle, snowmobile and boat police as well as officers who drive all-terrain vehicles.

Each year, we offer police officers roughly 60 continuing education courses related to driver training or traffic safety. These courses are attended by a total of approximately one thousand officers.

A driving instructor on a police motorcycle with his back facing the camera. In the background is the driving track.

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Driver training at several locations

We organize driver training at our Hervanta campus and at the Police University College’s Driver Training Centre in Pieksämäki. Additionally, we also conduct training at other locations: motorcycle and scooter training is held at Loppi, on the grounds of Räyskälä Airfield. Snowmobile training is organized at Taivalkoski, all-terrain vehicle training at Padasjoki and practical boat police training on the waterways of Savonlinna.

The Police University College has 65 motorcycles, 35 snowmobiles and 15 all-terrain vehicles for training purposes. The Hervanta campus is equipped with about 90 vehicles for driver training. The Pieksämäki Driver Training Centre has about 50 cars and vans.

Training also for non-police officers

Other government personnel, such as Customs, Border Guard and the Defence Forces, also take part in the Police University College’s driver training. Additionally, driver training is organized for others as well, such as paramedics, subject to a charge.

Do you want to order driver training for your company or organization? Information about the Police University College’s training courses that are subject to a charge can be found on the Other education page.

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