eDefusing sisältö en

Multiprofessional defusing of mentally stressful situations and increasing of crisis preparedness (eDefusing)

The primary aim of the project is to improve the capabilities of police, rescue and health care personnel in mentally stressful situations. The secondary aim of the project is to find ways to improve coping at work and staying in the field. The project creates a national eDefusing education model for higher education institutions, in which multidisciplinary teams can practice defusing discussions via remote connections.

The project is carried out in cooperation by Turku University of Applied Sciences and the Police University College’s teaching and RDI operations.

Timescale: August 2021 – December 2022

Partners: Turku University of Applied Sciences, Hospital District of Southwest Finland, Emergency Services

Contact persons at Police University College: Superintendent Olavi Kujanpää. Email in the format [email protected].