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Facts Against Hate

Hate speech and hate crimes represent a social problem, even if many concerted actions have been taken to identify, intervene in and prevent them. Hate speech has adopted new forms, such as “targeting” professionals in various fields.

The goal of the Facts Against Hate project is to intensify the effort going on against hate crimes and hate speech. The collection of information on hate crimes and hate speech is being developed within the project as well as cooperation on the local level, and materials are being produced as support for the work against hate crimes and hate speech.

As the final result of the project, information will be generated and operational modes implemented for the identification, monitoring and intervention in hate speech and hate crimes, in addition to support for their victims. The project benefits the authorities in the field of domestic affairs and justice on the national, regional and local level; potential victim communities and the organizations representing them; and the actors engaged in work against hate speech and hate crimes, both nationally and on the EU level.

Timescale: December 2019 – November 2021

Partners: Ministry of Justice (coordinator), Ministry of the Interior, Anti-Racist Forum, Centre for Peace Studies (Croatia), and INAR (Ireland)

Funding: European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program

Contact person at the Police University College: Project Manager Jenita Rauta. Email address: [email protected]