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Mikä on Suomen kyky vastaanottaa turvapaikanhakijoita? sisältö englanti

What is Finland’s ability to receive asylum seekers? An analysis from the perspective of the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative sector

The Ministry of the Interior launched a project to analyze Finland's ability to receive asylum seekers. The project examined the reception of asylum seekers from the filing of an asylum application to the final residence permit decision. Based on this evaluation, the project identified areas in need of development and recommended measures for improving cost efficiency and Finland's capacity to receive asylum seekers. The project was divided into six work packages, each of which had a responsible research body.

The Police University College was responsible for two work packages. One of these examined the operations and management of the registration center in Tornio, as well as the operations of the Ministry of the Interior, particularly from the viewpoint of the decision to establish a registration center. The other work package investigated the conditions and impact of illegal residence in the light of legislation, as well as previous European research and observations. The analysis was based on a survey of Finnish experts, in which they presented their observations on the living conditions of people staying illegally in the country.

Timescale: August 2016 – May 2017

Partners: Ministry of the Interior, Inforglobe, Pellervo Economic Research PTT, Emergency Services College, Päijät-Häme Joint Municipal Authority of Wellbeing

Funding: Approximately EUR 40,000 from the Ministry of the Interior’s research appropriations

Contact persons at the Police University College: Researcher Miia Myllylä. Email addresses: [email protected] (please note: miia.myllyla)

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