MISEC sisältö englanti

MISEC – Development of cooperation between immigration and security authorities

The goal of the development project is to promote the cost-effectiveness and quality of the immigration system. Development is being implemented as multi-agency work. The project will promote cross-administrative and international cooperation by streamlining practices between actors.

The legal protection of immigrants will be improved when decisions made by the public authorities are based on better knowledge. Another aim is to identify risky persons at an early stage of the process. The project is seeking to streamline the overall process and speed up processing through means such as automation. The highest quality and most fluent establishment of identity and background will help to maintain public confidence in the authorities.

Timescale: April 2018 – October 2020

Partners: Finnish Immigration Service, National Police Board

Funding: EUSA Amif Fund

Contact persons at the Police University College: [email protected]