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NEXES – NEXt generation Emergency Services

NEXt generation Emergency Services (NEXES) is a project engaged in the development of innovative emergency services. The project aims to create a framework for smart communication technologies and multi-format media content in emergency services by utilizing existing smart communication devices to enable more comprehensive emergency response. NEXES seeks for solutions for providing instructions to callers, for locating callers and incident sites, and for collecting information, as well as alternative methods for placing emergency calls. The project will also address groups with special needs, such as disabilities, impairments, language barriers and mental or physical health issues.

Timescale: May 2015 – June 2018

Partners: The lead coordinator is Rinicom Limited (UK). The project consortium consists of 17 partners from 10 countries: Finland, Belgium, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, and Turkey. Partners include public authorities, technology companies, representatives of special groups, and an association of first-response physicians. Finnish contributors also include INSTA DEFSEC OY, which provides emergency response center services.

Funding: total of approximately EUR 5.8 million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, of which the Police University College’s share is approximately EUR 316 000

Contact persons at the Police University College: Project Manager Vesa Huotari and Researcher Miia Myllylä. Email addresses: [email protected] (please note: miia.myllyla).