TURVAA-hanke sisältö englanti

TURVAA project – impact assessment from the point of view of national security

The aim of the TURVAA project is to produce information and the skills for developing an impact assessment model for national security. The project is based on the observation that there are no established definitions of the concept of national security in Finland and no guidelines for impact assessment relating to it.

The project focuses on considering what factors must be taken into account in impact assessments from the point of view of national security. In addition to statute drafting, the aim is to look into the key processes where impact assessments needs to be carried out systematically. The project will also influence how issues concerning national security will be taken into account in various administrative branches in the future.

The ministry responsible for the project is the Ministry of Defence, and the chairperson of the steering group assigned for the project is Deputy Director-General Helena Partanen. Represented in the steering group are also the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and the Secretariat of the Security Committee.

Timescale: March 2019 – December 2019

Partners: University of Eastern Finland, National Defence University

Funding: The project is funded by the Prime Minister’s Office’s survey and research appropriations for supporting the Government’s decision-making process. The total project budget is around EUR 100,000, with the Police University College accounting for about EUR 15,000.

Contact persons at the Police University College: Project Manager Kari Laitinen. Email addresses: [email protected] (please note: kari.m.laitinen)