Vihan verkot - Verkkoviha sisältö englanti

Cyberhate: Networks, forms of activity and motives of hate speech producers and distributors

Hate speech has been much talked about in recent years and it has been defined as one of the problems threatening society and democracy. Although hate speech has been studied, there is little systematic data collected on the people spreading it. The main objective of the Vihan verkot project (“Webs of Hate”) is to produce information on the producers and spreaders of hate speech and their networks and operating methods. At the same time, the project will increase understanding of the motives for their actions. The information can be used to better plan activities against hate speech. 

Timescale: March 2021 – February 2022

Partners: University of Jyväskylä (project coordinator)

Funding: Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities VN TEAS

Contact person at the Police University College: Project Manager Jenita Rauta. Email address: [email protected]