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Kriittisen infrastruktuurin haavoittuvuus ja viranomaisten toimintakyky KIVI sisältö englanti

Vulnerability of critical infrastructure and operational capability of authorities

Through the development of the appropriate risk management, the project is enabling the anticipation of and preparedness for crises and disturbances of human origin, related to critical infrastructure, among service providers and authorities.

Updatable tools are being developed through the project, for the evaluation of the authorities’ risk-management capabilities in relation to critical infrastructure. A self-evaluation tool (stress test) will be designed for service providers, which can be connected to the ICT system of the National Emergency Supply Agency, for example. The tool will be piloted in a few selected operative units towards the end of the project. A simulation method will be developed for the capability evaluation and preparedness training of the police and emergency authorities, focusing on vulnerabilities in information exchange between the private and public sectors and the authorities, and on the common operating picture and leadership.

The analysis of interdependencies would also benefit the cross-sectoral approach and cross-sectoral cooperation in management of different situations. The aim is to encourage dialogue on cooperation needs and methods.

Timescale: February 2017 – December 2019

Partners: Tampere University, The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK. National Police Board is the coordinator of the project and the Police University College is the implementing unit.

Funding: Supported by the European Union. The total product budget is around 670,000 euros. The funding received by the Police totals around 360,000 euros.

Contact persons at Police University College: Project Manager Pirjo Jukarainen and Researcher Joanna Kalalahti. Email addresses: [email protected]