New online service: the police dog gallery presents Finland’s police dogs

Publication date 27.9.2023 10.26
News item

Welcome to meet Finland’s police dogs! The police dog gallery on the Police University College website shows, for example, what a dog called Pörrö looks like, how many Border Collies the Finnish police have, and in which police department a dog called Bomberboy works.

The police dog gallery presents approximately 250 dogs working with the Finnish police. You can browse the gallery in alphabetical order based on the dogs’ official registered names, search by keyword or filter the search results based on characteristics.

“For each dog, the gallery includes the breed, sex, date of birth and place, that is, the police department at which the dog works. The dog’s details also show its task, that is, whether the dog is a patrol dog or a specialist dog. If the dog is registered with the Finnish Kennel Club, you can view the dog’s data in the breeding database,” says Superintendent Pasi Kemppainen, Head of the Police Dog Training Centre.

“Moreover, the police dog gallery includes photos of more than a hundred dogs at present. The photos and data in the police dog gallery reveal that a high variety of dogs work with the police: in addition to shepherd dog breeds, there are retrievers and one terrier as well.”

The gallery can be found on the Police University College website in the Police dog training section in Finnish, Swedish and English. The section includes information about police dog training, dog handler’s work and the Police Dog Training Centre. The Police Dog Training Centre, part of the Police University College, obtains and owns all police dogs in Finland.

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