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KORPEN ‒ Korruption i samband med näringsverksamhet i Norden sisältö englanti

Business-related corruption in the Nordics

Corruption in Finland and other Nordic countries is low according to international studies. However, Nordic financial institutions and other corporations can be exploited through, for example, paying bribes and laundering payoff money. The Police University College will implement the project "Business-related corruption in the Nordics", in which a survey will be conducted with the Nordic financial intelligence units. A report on the survey will explore the units’ ability to recognise and means of recognising the money laundering of funds originating from corruption related to business.

Timescale: November 2020 – February 2021

Partners: Ministry of Justice (coordinator), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of the Interior, Nordic Council of Ministers

Funding: Nordic Council of Ministers / Ministry of Justice, Finland. The full budget of 13 000 euros is reserved for the Police University College.

Contact persons at the Police University College: Project Manager Pirjo Jukarainen and Researcher Saana Rikkilä. Email addresses: [email protected].