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Entrance examination

Students for the Bachelor of Police Services degree are selected based on an entrance examination and an aptitude assessment.

The entrance examination consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1: physical test, written examination, psychological tests
  • Phase 2: psychological tests, an individual and group assignment, a personal interview

Those applicants that meet the application requirements will be invited to the first phase of the entrance examination. Usually, the entrance examination day lasts almost ten hours.

Applicants are then invited to the second phase depending on their examination score. The second phase of the entrance examination lasts approximately four hours.

In addition, the selection process includes a health examination, a drug test, security clearance by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service and proof of swimming skills.

Sports bag containing trainers, towel, water bottle and entrance examination book.


Score breakdown of the entrance examination

The maximum score of the entrance examination is one hundred (100) points. The points per section are divided as follows:

  • Written examination (essay): 0–30 points
  • Physical test: 0–20 points
  • Aptitude assessment: 0–50 points
    • Psychological testing: 0–30 points
    • Interview: 0–15 points
    • Individual and group assignment: 0–5 points

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