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Ethical oath

Ethical oath for police officers is taken by all police officers with the Bachelor of Police Services degree. The purpose is to ensure that new police officers are aware of and fully realize the values and ways of working expected from police officers in Finland.

The oath is not legally binding, but seeks to emphasize the responsibility inherent in police work. In the ethical oath, police officers swear to respect the human dignity and human rights of every individual and to behave in an honest and helpful manner.

The oath is taken in the presence of the National Police Commissioner. Oath ceremonies have been held since 2001.

Police officers giving their ethical oath, standing in line in their ceremonial uniform.

Contents of the oath:

I do solemnly declare that I will act at all times to the best of my ability and knowledge in a manner befitting a police officer.

I will preserve the dignity and will respect the rights of all individuals.

I will exercise my authority as a police officer in the manner intended by the law.

I will faithfully obey the orders of my superiors and will be ready to confront danger in the line of duty.

I will discharge my duties with integrity and will promote understanding and conciliation.

I will act with honesty, courtesy and regard for the welfare of others, and will endeavour to develop the appropriate esprit de corps.

I will act justly and impartially and with propriety towards my fellow officers.

I will continuously strive to honour this oath in my service as a police officer.