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iPREP International Performance Resilience and Efficiency Program

Strength Based Resilience (SBR) promotion training aims at improving the health of police officers and increasing their preparedness in assignments. The project utilizes the latest technology and teaching material based on scientific research. The training program focuses on the psychological and physical impacts of chronic exposure to stress, that may cause health problems and affect operational capability during work assignments.

The purpose is to learn skills that help police officers to:

  • improve their mental and physical health
  • improve their resilience and develop ways of coping
  • improve the ability to perform their work assignments
  • reduce the impacts of stress exposure on mental and physical health
  • lower the threshold to seek support and assistance (peer support or other types of psychological assistance) within the police organization.

Timescale: January 2014 – November 2015

Project partners: University of Toronto

Funding: University of Toronto

Contact persons at Police University College: [email protected]