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Moottoripyöräpoliisien koulutus sisältö englanti

Motorcycle police training

Motorcycle trials, motocross and high-speed driving on asphalt roads – these are all part of police motorcycle training, but the training also includes studying law and other theoretical studies.

In motorcycle training, police officers learn everything they need to operate a motorcycle safely in various situations and tasks. Each year, 280 police officers take part in training as part of 17 distinct courses.

Motorcycle police courses are vocational continuing education, meaning that they can only be undertaken by those who have already completed their police education and are working as police officers.

Motorcycle police weaving between the cones laid out on an asphalt track.

Basic course

The motorcycle police basic course is started by a maximum of 16 officers each year. The duration of the basic course is seven weeks: four weeks in autumn and three in the spring.

The participants are chosen with an entrance examination. The first stage of the examination includes a theory test and a psychological assessment.  The second stage of the entrance examination is a two-day practical stage in which we assess the applicants’ driving skills and physical abilities. For example, the applicants are required to push their motorcycles on foot a distance of 460 meters in three minutes or less while wearing full gear. In the driving skill test, we assess the applicants’ ability to control their motorcycles in various slow turns and slaloms.

During the course, students study the Road Traffic Act, off-road driving legislation, emergency driving instructions, engine operating principles and driving technique. Students learn to control their motorcycle safely in varying situations and conditions. The studies include theory tests as well as motorcycle trials, motocross and on-road driving tests.

A police officer pushing a motorcycle on asphalt as part of an entrance examination, while two invigilators watch on.

Other training

Before the beginning of the driving season each year, all motorcycle police complete a two-day vocational “warm-up” course. The vocational course is completed by about 180 motorcycle police each year.

In addition, we organize courses for motorcycle police performing special assignments and for scooter police. We also train the Estonian motorcycle police force.

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