Poliisin toimintaympäristö -katsaus sisältö englanti

Monitoring of the operating environment of the police

The Police University College analyses changes in the operating environment of the police on a regular basis. In 2012–2018, four extensive collections of articles were published, including over one hundred reports on police education, competence and operational sectors, and changes in society and the security environment.

After that, information on the operating environment has been compiled in thematic collections of articles, which until now have focussed on preparedness in society for security challenges and innovations in police operations. The aim is to publish collections of articles on various topics approximately once per year.

The collections of articles describing the operating environment of the police produce expert and research data that can be utilised in the planning and development of police operations and internal security, and police education.

Timescale: standard follow-up

Funding: budget funding

Contact persons at Police University College: Vesa Muttilainen, Chief of Research, Kari Laitinen, Senior Researcher and Vesa Huotari, Senior Researcher. Email addresses: [email protected] (please note: kari.m.laitinen).