Poliisikoiralaitos tutustu tiloihimme sisältö englanti

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The Police Dog Training Centre facilities are situated at Rinkelinmäki in Hämeenlinna. We have a seven-hectare area where, in addition to classrooms, accommodation and offices, we have kennels for the dogs and various training areas and practice facilities.

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Poliisikoiralaitos tutustu tiloihimme kuvagalleria englanti

  • Red timber house, trees in the background.

    Timber houses dating back to 1927

    Police dog training began at Rinkelinmäki in Hämeenlinna in 1927. Some of the operations are still housed in the original, renovated timber houses on the “Dog Hill”.

  • Red wooden building, trees in the background.

    Dog handlers’ accommodation

    Police Dog Training Centre facilities are tailor-made for the purposes of police dog training and related activities. Students, that is, dog handlers, are accommodated in this house.

  • A dog sniffing containers stacked on the wall, dog handler at the front.

    Diverse training facilities

    Police dog handlers train with their dogs the various aspects of police dog operations, including the use of force and identifying smells, at the “Dog Hill” in Hämeenlinna. This dog is sniffing out a smell, hidden inside a container, in the training classroom.

  • A uniformed police officer walking a dog on leash in the covered outdoor area of the kennel facilities.

    Kennel for more than 20 dogs

    The kennel at the Police Dog Training Centre has space for more than 20 dogs. Each dog has a separate heated space, and if they wish, they have access to this recreation area.

  • A uniformed police officer in the kitchen, seen from behind, with the text POLIISI on the back. The items seen in the room include dog bowls and kitchen appliances.

    Dogs get the best of care

    Dogs’ welfare has been a key factor in designing the facilities. This is the kitchen in the kennel facilities. Special facilities for washing the dogs are in the same facilities.

  •  In forest scenery, there is a red building and stairs, where a uniformed police officer is walking with a dog.

    In the middle of nature

    Police Dog Training Centre facilities are situated in the middle of nature at Rinkelinmäki in Hämeenlinna. The area covers a total of seven hectares.