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Privacy statement for Police University College applicants

The Police University College uses an electronic application service in student admission. In the service, you can apply for the training, and we also use it to invite you to the entrance examination and to notify you on our admission decision.

The application service is a part of the student admission data system.

When processing your personal data, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) of the European Union.

1. Controller

Police University College
P.O. Box 123 (Vaajakatu 2), FI-33721 Tampere, Finland
[email protected]
+ 358 295 480 121 (switchboard)

2. Controller’s contact persons in matters pertaining to data privacy

Jyrki Haapala, Superintendent
Kimmo Lehtimäki, Lawyer

Contact information for contact persons can be found in part 1.

3. Data subject

A person who has applied to become a student at the Police University College.

4. Purpose of and legal grounds for processing personal data

We process your personal data when admitting students for studies leading to a bachelor’s degree in the Police University College as well as security steward instructor, use-of-force instructor and firearms instructor trainings, and for visiting or exchange studies.

We also process your personal data if you appeal against our student admission decision.

Police University College student admission falls under exercise of official authority (GDPR Art. 6, paragraph 1, point e).

5. Personal data we process

In addition to the personal data you enter into the application system yourself, we also process the following personal data groups:

  • application processing data (submitting, altering or canceling an application)
  • data regarding communication with applicant (email exchange, entrance examination invitations, other notifications)
  • data regarding applicant’s participation in the entrance examination
  • decisions regarding student admissions (entrance examination results, student admission or exclusion and grounds thereof)
  • data regarding student admissions notification (notification date).

The application service does not process or store entrance examination results.

6. Categories of recipients of personal data

Data processed in the Police University College student admissions data system is disclosed to following categories of recipients:

  • officials participating in student admission
  • officials participating in change requests regarding student admission decisions and Police University College board members.

Data pertaining to the student admissions of emergency service officers’ bachelor’s degree is also disclosed to officers participating in Emergency Services College student admissions.

We transfer the following data on admitted students from student admissions data system to student data system:

  • name
  • personal identity code
  • address
  • telephone number and
  • email address.

7. Period of personal data retention

The personal data collected during the admissions period is stored in the student admissions data system for two years from the closing date of the admissions period in question.

Decisions regarding student admissions are archived and stored for a minimum of 20 years.

8. Access to ones own personal data

You can access your application data and decision data through the application service.

You have the right to be informed by the Police University College regarding whether your personal data is being processed and what data are we holding on you.

Note that you can order a copy of your entrance examination entry from [email protected].

9. Right to rectification

You have the right to request rectification of your personal data stored in the student admissions data system. The rectification appeal must be submitted in writing and sent to the controller. The rectification appeal may also be made in person at the Police University College.

10. Deletion of data

If you have cancelled your application before the application period has ended you have the right to request the deletion of the data you submitted in the application.

After the application period has ended you can no longer cancel your application and therefore have no right to request the deletion of your data.

11. Right to object to processing of the data and request limitation of processing

You have the right, based on extraordinary personal circumstances, to object to the processing of your personal data and request the limitation of processing of your data until the issue of the Police University College’s right to process your personal data has been resolved.

You cannot be admitted as student in the Police University College when you have objected to the processing of your personal data and requested the limitation of processing of your data.

12. Right to refer matters to the Data Protection Ombudsman

If you feel that the Police University College processes your data in a manner that is against the law you have the right to refer the matter to the Data Protection Ombudsman.

Data Protection Ombudsman contact details:

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman
P.O. Box 800 (Lintulahdenkuja 4), FI-00531 Helsinki, Finland
+358 295 666 700 (switchboard)
[email protected]