Toimintakäsikirja Arvioi Riskienhallinta ja turvallisuus sisältö englanti

Risk management and safety

The Director has overall responsibility for risk management and safety. Our Security Chief is responsible for organising the monitoring of risk management, implementing risk assessment and presenting the results to management.

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Our risk management is continuous and we carry out an overall risk assessment annually, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the police. In the risk assessment, we utilise information produced by operational planning and monitoring, and information produced by risk management in operational planning. Our occupational safety, information security and project managers are responsible for their own share of the risk assessment process. 

The Security Chief develops our organisational security and can, in individual cases, issue regulations to maintain security that are binding on everyone. The organisational security of the police is divided into eight areas:

steering and support services for organisational security of the police

  • personnel security
  • premises security
  • information security
  • inspection activities
  • security training
  • environmental security
  • security cooperation.

The Security Chief presents security matters to be resolved by the Director, such as the rescue plan and the code of conduct. The Security Chief is also responsible for maintaining plans, training related to security, exercises, and carrying out inspections and reporting on them.

To enable continuous monitoring and correct responses, everyone must report without delay any serious and extensive changes, deviations or near misses affecting security. Reports are submitted using electronic reporting templates that are available in the “Deviation notifications” workspace on the police intranet.

There are separate procedures for assessing risks with projects in both the planning and implementation phases. The Project Manager handles additional documents required by security sensitive topics, audits of partner organisations and personal reports of project personnel. The Project Manager also draws up a risk assessment using the risk management tool, unless this is already included in the project plan.

Our portfolio group monitors the progress of projects and has the authority to propose that a project be suspended in the event of a problem. With regard to risks and reputation management, the Director makes decisions on termination of or withdrawal from projects.

Toimintakäsikirja Arvioi Riskienhallinta ja turvallisuus oikea palsta englanti

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