Siviilivalmius yhdessä (SiVa) sisältö en

Joint civil preparedness: from global threats and opportunities to joint preparedness (SiVa)

The project will give a comprehensive overview of civil preparedness in Finland as part of the national system of preparedness and comprehensive security. At the same time, it will outline the development needs and opportunities of civil preparedness in a complex, international operational environment. 

The project will also identify the public authorities and other actors associated with civil preparedness and their legislative status and roles. In addition, the concept of civil preparedness will be studied from the national and international perspective and civil preparedness systems particularly between the Nordic countries will be compared. The result of the project will be a civil preparedness model that can be utilised in national and regional security planning and in preparing for disturbances. 

Timescale: May 2022 – December 2023

Project partners: University of Vaasa, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Emergency Services Academy Finland, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and Vantage Consulting

Funding: Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities (VN TEAS)

Contact person at the Police University College: Kari Laitinen, Senior Researcher. Email in the format [email protected] (please note: kari.m.laitinen).