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Toimintakäsikirja Toteuta Korkeakouluyhteisö sisältö englanti

University College community

The Police University College of Finland is the only police institute in the country. We are both a higher education institution and a national unit of the police. Unlike other universities of applied sciences, we operate under the Ministry of the Interior.

Polamk code of community

Our interaction and cooperation are guided by the Polamk code of community prepared together with our staff and students. As the foundation of our work in communities, we utilised: 

  • the police's strategy
  • Police University College strategy
  • Ethical Code for the Police

We created the Polamk code of community together with our staff and students in 2019–2020. The contents of the image are described in the text.

Our code of community includes the following jointly agreed policies:

  • We treat each other equally, fairly and kindly.
  • We follow jointly agreed rules, instructions and schedules.
  • We respect each other's work and competency.
  • We promote management that meets a consistent level of quality and rapid, fact-based decision making.
  • We give our opinions in a constructive way and take the opinions of other into account.
  • We strive to get along with everyone in all situations.
  • We promote team spirit and a friendly atmosphere in our community.
  • We are open and share information with each other.
  • We conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner in our work and strengthen professional behavior in our community.
  • We help each other succeed.