Survey: Partners give overwhelmingly positive evaluations of Polamk activities

Publication date 18.12.2020 11.09
News item

The results of the stakeholder survey of the Police University College (Polamk), which was conducted in the autumn of 2020, are ready. More than 400 collaborative partners from Finnish and foreign police organisations, education or research organisations, other public organisations and businesses responded to the survey. The response rate for the survey was 43 percent.

The collaborative partners had quite positive views of Polamk. Appreciation was especially high of the quality of education, the professional skills and expertise of personnel, and the progressive nature of Finnish police education. The open responses also included constructive feedback, which usually focused on bureaucracy and introversion.

The partners also evaluated statements about Polamk on a scale of 1 - 4. The evaluations were very positive, with even the lowest averages reaching above three. The best averages were for the statements “Polamk’s education is of high quality” (3.8) “Polamk is a respected partner” (3.7) and “Polamk’s communication is reliable” (3.7). The lowest averages were for the statements “Polamk communicates actively and takes the initiative in communication” (3.3), “Polamk is a good employer” (3.3) and “Polamk is innovative” (3.4).

“The Police University College got exceedingly positive results in 2020 from an image survey of higher education institutions, from a report gauging its reputation, and now from the stakeholders’ survey. It is good to consider in greater detail what factors give a police college such good feedback from the various target groups”, notes Director Kimmo Himberg,

The Net Promoter Score index measures the respondent's willingness to recommend Polamk as a collaborative partner to others on a scale of -100 - 100. Polamk’s NPS was 62, which can be considered a good result.

Ranked as the most important sources of information were contacts with Polamk personnel, Polamk training, seminars and events, and the content of the website. Meanwhile, the importance of social media for collaborative partners declined from the previous stakeholders’ survey conducted in 2017, and social media channels are now seen as the least important sources of information. Polamk's news channel Twitter is, as expected, the most important social media channel for the partners.  

The views of foreign organisations responding to the survey were more positive views than those of Finnish respondents in all parts of the survey. Respondents from the police organisation and Finnish educational and research organisations were slightly more critical in their responses to some of the statements. 

Stakeholder survey report can be found in Finnish from website.