The Procsead-project researches sexual violence against children online

Publication date 12.1.2021 9.40
News item

The distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in the online environment has increased significantly in recent years. At the same time, brutal material has also become increasingly common.

The Procsead project, which started at the Police University College, is part of the ReDirection project led by Protect Children, the aim of which is to prevent the use and distribution of CSAM in the Dark Web. The Police University College brings technical and research expertise to the ReDirection project.

- The aim is to find out how and why some users end up looking for illegal images and footage and what types of user groups this material has. By producing new information, we can better combat sexual violence against children, says Procsead Project Manager, Researcher Salla Huikuri.

The ReDirection project will also develop a self-help programme for people seeking and using illegal material online.

The two-year ReDirection project is funded by the international End Violence organisation. The funding share of the Police University College is EUR 112,000.