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Evaluation of RDI activities

Our portfolio group handles all our separately funded project ideas. If the cost estimate for a project exceeds a certain amount, we submit it to the working group for development of policing for processing.

The Director makes decisions on participation in projects. Some of the project ideas are offered to students, in which case they can be implemented as theses or student projects. We agree on RDI projects implemented with basic funding during performance agreement negotiations with the National Police Board. 

We are committed to compliance with good scientific practice. We conduct research in an ethically sustainable manner and follow the guidelines and principles of the Advisory Board on Research Integrity. We have appointed research ethics support personnel to:

  • promote good scientific practice
  • provide advice on research ethics and a confidential opportunity for discussion in a person's own organisation
  • improve the identification and prevention of research fraud
  • promote the operation and guidelines of the Advisory Board on Research Integrity, and handling of suspected violations of good scientific practice
  • lower the threshold for submitting notifications of suspected violations of good scientific practice in serious cases of suspected cheating.

For each project, we appoint a Project Manager who is responsible for project-specific quality management as required by the provider of funding. We monitor research and development projects agreed in the performance agreement as part of performance and resource monitoring. The Project Manager also organises the project's closing measures, such as the project impact survey and the Lessons learnt feedback event.

Steering group feedback is one way to evaluate our RDI projects.

Decisions on the works to be published in the publication series of the Police University College are made by our publication committee, which makes use of experts in the evaluation of manuscripts. We will draw up a publishing agreement on each approved manuscript. In the translation, layout and printing of publications, we use external experts by means of purchased services.

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