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International exchange programs

The Police University College participates in the Erasmus+ student exchange program, as well as in the Nordcop exchange program of Nordic police academies. Students of the Police University College can also visit Germany and Estonia during International Week.

Two smiling police students holding miniature flags of the Nordic countries.


The students of the Bachelor of Police Services degree can go on a student exchange program to any of the Erasmus+ partner universities. The exchange lasts at least three months, so in practice, the student studies abroad for the duration of the semester at the receiving university.

The students going on an exchange must have completed at least their first year of studies at the Police University College. 

Information for international Erasmus+ students

Erasmus Charter (signed, non-accessible version)

Erasmus Charter (accessible version)

Erasmus Policy Statement


Finnish police students can participate on the Nordcop student exchange program of Nordic police academies in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, or Denmark. Exchange students attend lessons and exercises in the destination country, just like local students. In many cases, they are also allowed to work shifts at the local police department.

The duration of the exchange is three weeks. Students can apply for the Nordcop exchange only after they have completed their practical training.

International Week

Students of the Police University College can visit the Police University College’s partner academies in Germany and Estonia during the International Week.

Finnish police students can also contribute to designing the Police University College’s own International Week program and act as liaison students for German and Estonian exchange students.